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Wall Crack Repair

Cracks in foundation walls can unnerve even the savviest homeowners, as they cause immediate concern about foundation issues. However, not all cracked walls indicate a severe problem. The fact is — concrete cracks. Usually, wall cracks are common shrinkage cracks that occur as the concrete cures. These cracks are typically vertical and usually less than 1/16″ wide. They are quite different from structural or settlement cracks which can happen due to differential loading, lateral pressure, or from vertical movement due to soil shrinkage. But considering how vital your walls are – they could be the most vital part of your home – you need to have a crack repair specialist take a look immediately.


The best material for wall crack repair depends on the type and extent of the damage. For minor cracks, latex or acrylic caulks work well, providing flexibility and ease of application. For more substantial cracks, epoxy or polyurethane injection is often recommended, as these materials offer structural strength and durability. Epoxy is suitable for repairing structural cracks, while polyurethane is effective for preventing water penetration. A professional assessment is crucial to determine the appropriate material for successful and lasting wall crack repair.

Regardless of which type you have, it’s important to find the cause of the crack, repair it properly, and prevent future cracks from forming. When necessary, we add a structural component to the crack repair by adding carbon fiber staples. Stronger than steel, the staples will prevent the crack from reopening even if the wall begins to move again.

No matter how your wall became cracked, we can perform a quick and effective repair. Please contact us today for a free estimate to get started!

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