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Do I Need a Battery Back-Up Sump Pump?

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Many customers will ask, “Do I really need to spend the extra money on a battery backup sump pump?” We at High and Dry like to answer that question with a question, “When will you need your sump pump most?” Here are the three dates that are most commonly given as answers to our question.

1. “The heaviest rain of the year”

The St. Louis area is known to have a couple hard rains a year. In fact, just a few years ago we had two 500-year flood rains only a year and half apart. These storms usually cause a neighborhood or two to experience multi-hour long power outages. If the power goes out, and it’s raining harder than normal, it won’t take long before the drain system is backing up and leaking water into your basement. A battery back-up sump pump will continue to keep your system working and your basement dry until the power returns and the primary pump can take over. 

2. “When I travel” 

If you travel for work or take a vacation each year, you know the last thing you want to do upon returning home from a long trip is to start bailing water out of your basement. The battery back-up sump pumps we use have multiple fail-safes in place so, if one part fails the rest of the system continues to function as needed. There is also an alarm system designed to inform you of any needed repairs. This can also be monitored remotely with the use of a wifi module. The fail-safes deliver you the peace of mind your pump will work no matter which individual part fails and the remote monitoring allows you to set up a time for repair as soon as you are alerted of the failure.

3. “All Day Everyday”

The truth is, you bought your drain system and sump pump because you want it to give 24/7 protection from water seeping up through the floor. Every pump, including the high-quality pumps that we sell at High and Dry, will eventually stop working. Many pumps will last upwards of 15 years but eventually, they will wear out over time. Pump failure due to age can be unpredictable and difficult to monitor. Unless you test your pump every time before it rains, you will not know for certain the sump pump still works. A battery back-up sump pump will allow you to wait until the alarms alert you of a problem. You can set the sump pump unit out of mind, knowing the back-up pump and all the fail-safes will be there for the eventual end of the primary pump. 

For all these reasons and more, the battery back-up sump pump is highly recommended. It gives homeowners the peace of mind their basement is protected no matter what. 


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