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    Since 2006, High & Dry has serviced thousands of St. Louis area homes. We have solutions for all your basement waterproofing and foundation repair needs. This includes crack injections, wall stabilizations, sump pump installation, and drain system installation. We can perform most of our work from inside your home, so we won't need to disrupt things like your lawn or flower beds. We have a reputation for quality products, unparalleled customer service, and we offer a Life-of-the-Structure Warranty. These qualities have made us a leader in the concrete repair industry.

    High & Dry offers Free Estimates for basement waterproofing and foundation repair. We specialize in cost effective crack injection, wall stabilization, and interior drain systems. Call us today for a free estimate, and learn how we can repair your home's foundation for good!

  • Solve your basement water problems once and for all! High & Dry Foundation Repair, your local basement waterproofing experts, offers a full range of efficient - and highly effective - waterproofing services, crack repair and structure repair for your basement.

    For over ten years, we have provided waterproofing and foundation repair services to customers across St. Louis, MO. We have repaired thousands of homes giving homeowners the peace of mind knowing it's been done right. You deserve cost-effective, advanced solutions for cracked, bowing, or leaking concrete foundations, and when you call High & Dry - that is what you will get! It's time to enjoy your basement again!


    Exterior waterproofing solution


    We provide exterior waterproofing solutions to stop water infiltration through your concrete walls -- solutions that can be applied individually or with a sump pump.

    Interior waterproofing system


    Imagine waking up after a massive storm to find your basement completely dry. Our interior waterproofing systems can stop water damage permanently!

    Foundation Repair


    High & Dry Foundation Repair will analyze the condition of your foundation and create the most effective repair system to support your home. Call us for a free estimate.

    Wall cracks


    Cracks in foundation walls can unnerve even the savviest homeowners, but rest assured, our wall crack injections can repair even the most difficult foundation wall cracks.