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Interior Waterproofing Services

Basement always seem to be wet? You might need a drainage system!

High & Dry Foundation Repair offers complete interior waterproofing services to resolve your basement wetness problems. Call us to complete a thorough analysis of your home’s foundation and basement issues to determine what your best options are to solve the problems your home is experiencing.

If you’re sick of a wet, moldy basement and property damage after every rainstorm, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. We’re happy to help and have the right experience and tools to permanently solve your problem. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners throughout St. Louis with comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions.


In general, interior waterproofing measures like sealants and coatings can last several years before requiring reapplication. Interior drainage systems and sump pumps can last longer with proper maintenance. However, interior waterproofing is generally considered a temporary solution for managing water issues and may not provide a permanent fix. For more long-lasting protection, exterior waterproofing and addressing the root causes of water ingress are recommended.

The life expectancy of a sump pump typically ranges from 7 to 10 years. Factors such as the pump's quality, usage frequency, and maintenance practices can influence its lifespan. Regular maintenance, including checking the pump, cleaning the basin, and testing its operation, can help extend its life. If your sump pump is approaching the end of its expected lifespan or showing signs of malfunction, it's advisable to consider replacement to ensure the continued effectiveness of your basement waterproofing system.

Sump pumps are generally effective, but potential negatives include power outages, which can render them useless, and the need for periodic maintenance. In rare cases, they may fail due to mechanical issues. Additionally, improper installation or insufficient maintenance can lead to problems. Despite these considerations, sump pumps remain valuable for preventing basement flooding and water damage when appropriately installed, maintained, and supplemented with a backup power source.

Sump Pumps

When you have wet basement problems, using a sump pump can be extremely effective in solving your water problems. The sump pump systems we use are the most energy-efficient, highest performing and the longest-lasting on the market. They remove the water from your basement and send it away from your home’s foundation.

Water Channel

Water channels create a pathway for water that enters between the wall and your foundation’s footing and are designed for new construction and retrofitting applications. Water channels are designed to permanently solve basement water problems. Because they are installed in the interior, they never get clogged with tree roots or other debris that can affect exterior drain performance.

Drain Pipes

Drain pipes offer a drainage system that is strong, easy to use and environmentally friendly. It can be used in both exterior and interior applications, however, High & Dry prefers to install them inside your basement so you can avoid outdoor environmental problems like tree roots. When you combine drain pipes with a water channel it will remove any unwanted water near your home’s foundation.

Interior waterproofing systems are a great way to waterproof your basement and ensure proper drainage. High & Dry can install any of the interior waterproofing systems listed above with professionalism and efficiency. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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