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Maintenance Plan

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The foundation repair and basement waterproofing services we offer at High & Dry Foundation are solid, reliable solutions. However, in order to ensure they continue to function to the best of their capabilities, it’s important to get routine inspections and maintenance performed. That’s why we offer a comprehensive maintenance plan so you know your foundation and basement are always in top shape.

Your home’s situation could have a change occur that affects the foundation or waterproofing measures. What might be a minor thing to fix can turn into something major if not caught quickly enough. Regular check ups ensure your home stays strong and dry for the long haul.

The Right Kind Of High & Dry

If you would like the contentment of knowing your home is sound and dry, you should consider joining the HIGH/DRY Club. The HIGH/DRY Club offers maintenance plans for both your foundation and your basement, which include the following services:


  • Create and monitor structural benchmarks for lateral motion.
  • Create and monitor structural benchmarks for vertical motion.
  • Inspect grading for potential pressure concerns.
  • Inspect wall anchors for proper torque (if applicable).
  • Receive a 5% structural stackable discount for new work (at this address).
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DRY Plan

  • Replace Bronze pump (or equivalent value) every 8 years.
  • Cycle, clean, and test pump system.
  • Clean liner as needed.
  • Monitor battery system (if applicable).
  • Flush and test drain tile where available.
  • Inspect grading and downspouts.
  • Inspect discharge line.
  • Inspect walls for cracks and the cove area for potential future problems.
  • Receive a waterproofing 5% discount for new work (at this address).

The cost of an annual residential visit is just $150. Members of the HIGH/Dry Club also receive a 5% discount on any future purchases at this address. Contact us at (636) 273-1150 today to learn more or to join the Club!

HIGH/DRY agrees to inspect and service your waterproofing system(s) and or foundation repairs with qualified technicians. The agreement shall be payable in advance and will be rendered as outlined in this agreement. These actions shall be performed during HIGH/DRY Foundation Repair’s normal business hours at a time mutually agreeable for both parties. There is no warranty expressed or implied in connection with this maintenance agreement.
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