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Foundation Repair

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Have you noticed certain things about your home’s structure that have concerned you? Maybe some cracks in a wall or slanted floors? If your St. Louis home is in trouble, don’t wait to call the experts, High & Dry Foundation Repair.


The older the home, the more likely it is to need foundation repair. Modern concrete slabs were not used on homes built before the 1940s, making their foundations less stable and more prone to damage. In addition, wear and tear on a home can contribute to foundation movement. Erosion, climate effects and tree roots can all damage a home’s foundation over time.

If you have an older house, look for one or more of these types of problems:

  • Uneven Floors – Cracks in the walls close to windows and doors could be a sign of uneven floors. 
  • Slab Leak – A shifting house might damage pipes beneath or within the foundation.
  • Large Cracks – Located in the interior or exterior of the house, stair-step cracks in brick siding or vertical cracks that keep expanding are of concern.

The High & Dry Solution

High & Dry Foundation Repair is proud to be St. Louis’s Go-To company for foundation problems. We specialize in services like:

  • Bowed Wall Repair – Using carbon-fiber technology, High & Dry technicians fix bowing walls with less intrusive procedures than prior excavation methods, making the repair more effective and less costly.
  • Basement Piering  Adding piers under the foundation of a house secures the house to bedrock or stable soil, bringing a halt to any settling. 

Foundation repair is not something you want to trust to just anyone. The High & Dry difference lies in:

  • Excellent Customer Service A live person will answer the phone to provide friendly respectful service.
  • Experts in Our Field We employ highly trained individuals who provide honest and trustworthy advice.
  • Locally-Owned – Owned and run by the Ely family, we are dedicated to serving our local community.

High & Dry Foundation Repair is eager to assist with your foundation problem. Call us today at (636) 273-1150. The only thing we leave High & Dry… is your home!